A: The formula at BioCloud Aurum can not be enclosed because of the constant changing of machine purchased price of each batch. Members who make payments on the first batch will get results from the second, third, fourth, and second batches of mining machines. Biocloud Aurum uses averaging system, which is the average of the total machine price will be divided by the slots that have been sold. Biocloud Aurum will provide the mining outcome but not the price of the machine and formula.

A: BioCloud Aurum is not an investment product, because MLM company (Multi Level Marketing) can not sell product of investment, company that can sell product of investment is a securities company that get permission from Financial Services Authority. BioCloud Aurum sells the service of miner machines through cloud service to get hashing power that is processing power or calculation of mathematical data from the network. Bonus to be given is the result of the difference in machine profit.

A: Solitaire will earn twice from Capital, if Capital will get one slot, then Solitaire will get two slots. Then the Executive Club will get twenty times of Capital’s share.

A: Members who join the total cost of $ 30,000 and above will have the opportunity to see the machine because the machine location is in Indonesia, however, the member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement or NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) beforehand. For members who join the total cost of $ 10,000 can see the machine through CCTV that has been provided, there will be a description of the BioCloud Aurum flag right next to the engine to facilitate members in monitoring.

A: The mining machine used by BioCloud Aurum is the latest machine, one of which is the S9. Biocloud Aurum also has other latest machines that have various speeds and will continue to be upgraded

A: Some hassles will occur if buying and mining alone, it is risky to get counterfeit or used goods and/or machinery broken. Large electrical power, configuration, cold place are required to avoid engine damage and should have more than two machines, because nowadays all miners are competing with each other around the world which amounts to millions of machines. If the machine is damaged then it is obliged to send the machine back to the factory to be repaired which takes less time so that it can slow down the mining process. For that BioCloud Aurum offers ease in mining with a much smaller amount of capital, because the business is not only required capital but must understand about IT, making power plants and so on.

A: Currently, the rate can reach 95%, but it depends on the difficulty level of the processing power or calculation of the network's mathematical data (hash rate) and others factors. For one package Capital per day get around 0. 000175 (the value is fluctuate) or about Rp. 25.000, - per day (adjusted to current Bitcoin price) and if multiplied by 300 days or 10 months then the result will be obtained is Rp.7.500.000, - (Break Even Point Estimation)

A: At the time of changing the machine, the current estimation and assumptions are that members already would get a profit of 200%, if it had reached 30 years and reached the BEP (Break Even Point) and gain profit it will be better if it is rebuilt and maintained. Within the following 3 years there would be faster servers as well as more efficient electricity. BioCloud Aurum has an Averaging Overall system where members do not have to worry, the machine will be replaced every month so that there will continue to be a new machine and member only pay once for 3 years.

A: To pre-order BioCloud Aurum is by paying DP 10% of the price of Biocloud Aurum package as desired. The following is the package price list of BioCloud Aurum:

Capital $500 = 1 kuota

Solitaire $1,000 = 2 Kuota

Bohemian $5,000 = 10 kuota

Executive Club $10,000 = 20 kuota

The terms and conditions for Pre-order BioCloud Aurum are as follows:

1. Biocloud Aurum can only be ordered by members of Biogreen Science through the member dashboard. If you are not yet a member, then you can register first with a registration fee of $ 9 (basic) and get a Username along with Starter Kit.

2. The outstanding DP is not refundable if the member wishes to cancel or make a mistake during the booking process of the BioCloud Aurum package.

3. DP will be refunded 100% if machine on server is not available or when machine quota would be transferred in February 2018 upon approval from member.

4. The pre-order period will not affect the structure of Biocloud Aurum's bonus, which means there is no pass-up bonus if the uplinehas not been registered in BioCloud Aurum until the launching time of BioCloud Aurum.

5. Pre-order can be done by transferring DP of 10% of the package price (beyond admin fee $ 89) in iCash to username BIOCLOUDAURUM

Number of Deposit Quota:

Capital = $50

Solitaire = $100

Bohemian = $500

Executive Club = $1,000

Write a description on the remark column of the selected package (Example: 1 Executive Club). Please take note that if DP payment is done but not in accordance with the package written in the remark column, then the provisions of number 1 above applies.

6. For a package order more than $ 10,000 in 1 username, then simply make a maximum DP of $ 1000. Then input description on the remark column according to the number of packets selected. Example: The package to be purchased is as much as $ 20,000 (equivalent to 2 Executive Club packages) in 1 username, just pay DP $ 1,000 iCash and write a description on the remark column: 2 Executive Club.


7. If you want to pre-order the Executive Club package in 2 usernames then you are obliged to transfer iCash for $ 1000 x 2 username. Unless you want to buy 2 packets in 1 username then rule number 6 above applies.

8. The remaining redemption of BioCloud Aurum package will include the admin fee fee of $ 99. Example:

Pre-order Capital package

DP : 10% x $500 =$50

Remaining repayment: ($500 + $99) - $50 = $549

A: The paid DP can not be refunded if the member wishes to cancel or made a mistake during the booking process of the BioCloud Aurum package.

A: To Upgrade the BioCloud Aurum package is by transferring the subtracted fee from the desired package to BioCloud Aurum account, and the upgrade can be done anytime.

A: Yes, Cloud Cash can be transferred to fellow members just like iCash.

A: An executive member will get 0.00007692 BTC / day and above over 1000 days. For example:

0.00007692 x 20 slots x 1000 = 1.5 BTC (but in fact members will get more than 1000 days). If you prefer to buy 1 BTC directly from purchasing executive package BioCloud Aurum to get 1.5 BTC directly, it looks only 0.5 difference but what about people who buy 1 M package directly?

They will get a difference of 5BTC. It is estimated to be 5BTC in the next 3 years if the price per BTC is Rp. 500.000.000, - then the difference is 2.5 M.

Another benefit is that you will get sponsorship bonus and pairing if successfully you could invite others to buy any package in BioCloud Aurum, which is not obtained elsewhere.